1983 World Cup: ‘Kapil, we’re in a do or die situation, we can not die looking like this’ | Yed kirmani recalls the conversation with kapil dev’s 175 not out innings vs Zimbabwe in 1983 world cup

1983 World Cup: India won the 1983 World Cup under Kapil Dev. 83 films were also made on the success of the day.

1983 World Cup: 'Kapil, we're in a do-or-die situation, can't die looking like this'

Kapil Dev 175 Runs

1983 World Cup: The Indian cricket team, led by Kapil Dev, won its first ODI World Cup in 1983. No one expected this team to return as world champions. India looked very weak at that time in front of great teams like West Indies. But, defeating such a West Indies, India surprised everyone. Won the World Cup. However this World Cup success story is not so easy. India has experienced many ups and downs. Many times it was felt that the journey to India was over. In such a match against Zimbabwe, India lost five wickets for 17 runs. But, what happened then is still remembered today. So it became hard to believe. India captain Kapil Dev did such a miracle

Kapil took the team out of a very difficult situation and scored an unbeaten 175 to lead the team to victory. This innings is still known as the most spectacular innings in the history of ODI cricket. Wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani was at the crease with Kapil when the team was in a difficult situation. Kirmani reveals what happened between the two on the field in that match and how Kapil won in that surprising innings. The recent film ’83 is also known for its 1983 World Cup success. However, the film premiered in Mumbai on Wednesday.

The wickets are falling .. Kapil is in the bathroom ..
The Indian team went down to bat. After that Kapil went to take a bath. The wickets, however, were falling rapidly. Then I said to Kapil, “Caps (Kapil is called by that name.) Two wickets fell.” Kapil said “Let me take a bath”. Immediately the score became nine for four, and then five for 17.

Kirmani recalled a discussion he had with Kapil that day. What he said to Kapil on the field was, “I went to Kapil who was standing with his head bowed. That was a 60 over match. There are still 35 overs to play. I said to Kapil, ‘Listen caps, we’re in a do or die situation. I tried to inspire them not to sit and die like this. I said you are the best hitter in the Indian team. I’ll take every run and give you a striking. You try to hit every ball. ‘ Then Kapil said to me ‘Kiri bhai, we still have 35 overs to play. I will do my part. ”

Kirmani retreated not out.
After this, Kapil is showing an example of similar batting today. Kapil played an innings of 175 runs. In this innings, Kapil faced only 138 balls and hit three sixes along with 16 fours. India scored 266 for eight, beating Zimbabwe by 235 in 57 overs. Roger Binny formed a 50-run partnership with Kapil. Roger scored 22 runs. Ravi Shastri made a run and was out. Madan Lal shared a 62-run partnership with Kapil. Madan Lal scored 17 runs. The team scored eight wickets for 140 runs. This was followed by Kirmani not out with Kapil. He scored 24 off 56 balls with the help of two fours. Kapil and Kirmani shared 126 runs.

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