83: ‘India’s victory that day .. Awakening for the future of world cricket’ | 1983 World Cup: Indian team had written the future of world cricket; 83 film will be able to bring it to screen

’83 is a very catchy name for the movie. For cricket lovers, the film has become a thriller. But before the release of the film on December 24, it is important to know those memories of a great day for Indian cricket.

83: 'India's victory that day .. Awakening for the future of world cricket'

83 The Film

1983 World Cup: ’83 is a very catchy name for the movie. For cricket lovers, the film has become a thriller. But before the release of the film on December 24, it is important to know those memories of a great day for Indian cricket. As happened that day, we hope that this film also captures the changing sentiments nicely from ‘Hum Kati Nahi Jeet Sakte’ to ‘Dekho, Hum Jeet Gaye’.

Once Kapil Dev, I was playing squash for CBFS cricket at the Aviation Club of Dubai in the middle of a tour of Sharjah. He is a good friend of my wife. They are both from Chandigarh. They have a lot of common friends. But in those days cricketers were with a lot of people. These are the days when there are no corona biobubbles like these days.

We ended our game. I drank lemon juice and asked Kapil, ‘Have you read the biography of umpire Dickie Bird?’ Kapil replied that Dickie had mentioned me in two pages and I was very happy for that. He also wrote about the 1983 World Cup final, the Kapil Moment.

In those days 200 was considered a huge score.
‘Kapil, did you think you still had a chance to win after scoring 183 in the World Cup final?’ I asked Kapil. As far as I can remember his answer was, ‘You have to remember that in those days there were 10 to 15 runs in the first 10 overs of 50 overs. In those days even 200 runs had the mentality of being considered a good score. Despite being 183 runs short, there was no disappointment in the dressing room. ‘

We did not pray for success.
I think the West Indies credibility is higher than this score. One hundred crore Indians mentally accepted defeat because of this. The Windies won the World Cup twice in 1975 and 1979 respectively. With their victory in the final at Lord’s, the title hat-trick was considered secure. We saw the West Indies team scrape Pakistan. Ladbrooks’ hopes for India’s victory were also slim. Because it is not possible. Before Andy Roberts, Vivian Richards, Michael Holding, Larry Gomes, Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall, it all seemed like a joke. Truth be told, we did not pray for victory. We are ready to fill our glasses with beer and tears. We also felt privileged to reach the finals.

The West Indies lost the toss and invited us to bat. Barry Meyer and Dickie Bird enter the field. West Indies fast bowlers continue to take our wickets at regular intervals. At just two runs, Sunny was dismissed by Dujon of Roberts. We believe our party is probably over. Chris Srikanth scored 38, Mohinder Amarnath 26 and Sandeep Patil 27. We thought we were fighting. Despite being immersed in patriotic enthusiasm, we began to accept defeat. There is no speed in the runs. Andy took three wickets. Gomes Economy is at 4.45. So I got an idea about the run rate. Recalling that day .. Kapil mentioned that there was grief in the dressing room during lunch but the team did not lose hope.

When defeat turns into victory ..
Many years later I met Dickey Bird in the UAE. Maybe it’s 1989. We are all talking about the World Cup. There are still 16 years left for the T20. The 50 over format is considered fast paced cricket. I remember, Dickey said that the body language of Indians is very positive. Because they believed the match was not in their hands. Let’s have fun ‘is their attitude. But they certainly have nothing to lose. This attitude proved to be their greatest weapon. Because they were not afraid.

Everything is convenient for them ..
Madan Lal, thank you Sandhu. Desmond Haynes, Greenidge, Clive Lloyd quickly joined the pavilion. Then the beer started to taste good. By then the score was 57 for three. Syed Kirmani Bachchan was added to the pavilion after Sunny Gomes was sent off. I happily threw the cushion into the air in my house. By then the Windies had dropped five wickets for 66 runs. The cushion I threw hit the glass pot and the jar broke. Everyone said it was a sign of good luck. Do not touch it. We left the pieces of glass like that. But, it seemed unfortunate to us that Marshall, Dujon had established a 43-run partnership.

Mohinder then bowled the ball, taking 7 for 119. I, my neighbors they started screaming with joy. Occasional fireworks set the birds awake at dawn. Victory was seen knocking on the door as soon as Kapil Andy took the wicket. But the suspense continued to grow. Michael is rooted in the crease. We pray he gets out. Michael also conceded defeat before being eventually bowled out for 43. Mohinder once again showed his mettle and finished the game with the last wicket. People started running with joy.

I’ve been with Clive Lloyd during a CBFS gala dinner 15 years later. I asked if he remembered that day. He talks mostly with my wife. I’m trying to track him down. He replied no, I do not want to talk about it.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Because who can forget the cheering of the people in the streets, the cushions thrown into the air, the glass pot shattering.

– Bikram Vora

(The author is a senior journalist. The views expressed in the article are personal to the author.)

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