Actor Subba Raju did not even sleep at night due to fear of drug charges.

Actor Subbaraju, who has made a special name for himself in Tollywood with different roles, has acted in many films so far, but he has not married. But in a recent interview, he told many interesting things about his film and personal life. Subbaraju is one such person. Subbaraju is an actor who can adapt to any character like every lead, supporting roles, comedy roles. So far he has acted in almost 50 films and earned a good name with the films Amma Nanna O Tamilammai, Sri Anjaneyam, Khadgam, Arya, Nenunanu, Kullo, Shack..

Recently Megastar Chiranjeevi acted in the movie Waltheru Veeraiya. But Subbaraju, who recently spoke to the media, said many interesting things.” My father is a teacher. That’s why there was fear from childhood. Whenever I did something wrong, everyone would come home and tell me. So I had to be smart. After reaching such an age, there is no deep love except seeing and adoring.. Marriage should never be done on purpose, it should be done when the need arises. So far I haven’t needed it with marriage. I will definitely do it when it comes.. I was very hurt when drug charges were made against me. My parents were very worried.

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