Adipurush Controversy: Indian culture has been mocked.. Let’s not release it

Adipurush Controversy: Indian culture has been mocked.. Let's not release it

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj Fires On Adipurush Teaser: Ever since the release of the teaser, the movie Adipurush has been mired in controversies. First of all, there was severe criticism regarding the graphics. Later, there were objections about the characters and their costumes. Netizens are outraged by showing the character of Hanuman without a mustache and just a beard and a leather garment. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra also expressed his anger on this teaser. It is said that the teaser contains objectionable scenes, which may hurt the sentiments of some religiously, and they have been asked to remove them. He also warned that legal discussions would be taken if the scenes that misrepresented Hindu mythological men were not removed.

Now Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister and BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj has been furious over the ‘Adipurush’ teaser. He said that many sadhus have objected to the way the characters of Gods were shown in the teaser and their demand to ban this film is fair. No one has the right to play with the sentiments of Hindus. He said that Saif Ali Khan looks more like Khilji than Ravana in this. Also.. He said that the character of Hanuman has been distorted beyond recognition and this is something that cannot be tolerated at all. He said that filmmakers feel that they can do anything to curb cinematic liberties, but this will not be accepted at all. They said that Indian culture was mocked in this. At the same time, objections were also expressed on Sita’s character. Some Hindu sources have warned against releasing this film as she looks more like a normal Hindi movie heroine than Sita Devi.


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