Ahimsa: Director Teja who spiced up ‘Ahimsa’

Ahimsa: Director Teja who spiced up 'Ahimsa'

Ahimsa: Director Teja, who is skilled in making love stories, is going to come before the audience with the movie ‘Ahimsa’. It is known that Daggubati Rana’s brother Abhiram is making his entry as the hero in this film. Geetika is introduced as the heroine with this film set in the village background. P Kiran is producing the film under Anandi Art Creations banner. Youth full of love, action entertainer is being made. It is remarkable that RP Patnaik is making a re-entry as a music director with this film. Recently RP Patnaik has composed a beautiful folk melody in style. The chemistry of Abhiram and Geetika is delightful in the song which is mind blowing. Kala Bhairava and Keertana Srinivas have sung this song beautifully. The main attraction was the lyrics presented by Chandra Bose.

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A lyrical song from this movie was released as a Diwali gift. This is a masala song made with the masses in mind. This song is running on a good momentum saying ‘ Ammesane .. Ammesane’. Another highlight is that this song is sung by RP Patnaik, Teja, Chandra Bose along with Mangli. Malla Namrita danced in Aitemsaag saying Ammesane. She has done item songs in many movies in Bollywood and is very active on social media and shows her beauty to her fans.

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This film, jointly produced by Anandi Art Creations – Suresh Productions, will soon hit the screens. There are good expectations among the youth about this movie coming with Teja Marku. The story is about a young man’s struggle to win his love. In the past, Teja’s romantic films have achieved sensational success. This is a love story coming from him after a long gap.

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