Alia Bhatt fires on the media.. Will they put a camera in my house?

Bollywood star heroine Alia Bhatt has come under intense fire on the media. O complained that two men simultaneously focused on her house with cameras. Will you put a camera in my house? Do you really have a mind?

Alia wrote on her Instagram what happened. “Are you kidding me?” I am peacefully spending my time with my family at home. I felt like someone was watching me. Looking from the side, two people are taking a video of me with a camera from the terrace of our house next door. Is this correct..? Don’t keep privacy about one’s personal matters? There is a line that should not be crossed between any of them. You crossed that line today. You have behaved beyond your bounds” she expressed anger.

She tagged Mumbai Police in this Insta post. Now this post is going viral. Many celebrities are responding to this. It is demanded to take action so that such incidents do not repeat.

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