Amala Paul: Somehow she.. destroys a good life

Amala Paul

Beautiful momu. A suitable body. A refreshing quality in acting. Willing to do anything for the role. In short, this is the truth that everyone is talking about Amala Paul. ! But this truth.. as if they have upheld everyone’s trust.. and now they are behaving like a touch. This beauty. By reducing the movies completely… they are also making mistakes in choosing web series… they are lagging behind in heroines. Limited to tours… Insta reels only. In addition to that, affairs are becoming a hot topic. Moreover, the life of heroine Amala Paul is going along the lines of love..marriage..deception.. This beauty, who had already married Tamil director AL Vijay. But Vijay shocked everyone by saying that it was because Amala did not listen to him and made films.. because he wanted a divorce.. Amalade has made everyone feel the sense that it is wrong.

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