Anchor Rashmi Andalu exploded like an atom bomb in a black saree

Rashmi started her career as an anchor with the comedy show Jabardast and became a craze among the youth. Also, whenever she got a chance, she acted in movies and got a good reputation. Overall anchoring in her own style.. She exuded glamor on stage and increased her super fan following.

But Rashmi-Sudheer Jodi has a good craze on screen. There are reports that both of them are in love. But both rejected them. They have been doing each other’s shows for some time now.. the two are not seen together much.

But recently Rashmi gave a surprise by talking about her marriage. She said this in the Extra Jabardast program. Senior actors Khushboo and Indraja are acting as judges for the Extra Jabardast show.

But in this show, in the latest skit done by Auto Ramprasad and Getup Srinu, Rashmi revealed the news of her marriage. While this is the case, currently anchor Rashmi’s black sorry pics are going viral.

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