Anchor Shyamala, who has changed beyond recognition.. Photos are viral..!!

Television audiences need no special introduction to anchor Shyamala. Apart from being a TV anchor, she also became close to the audience as a Bigg Boss contestant. Sometimes she also appears in movies and entertains the audience. Shyamala, who has been continuing as an anchor since the beginning, has also been acting in films intermittently. But even if she was not successful as an actress, she gained more craze as a glamor anchor. Presently, on one side anchoring, on the other side, she is buzzing in TV shows and movie functions.

Especially in terms of glamour, the heroines are making noise with glamor photos on social media in their own style. Currently, every glamorous photo she posts on social media impresses the audience immensely. Meanwhile, everyone is surprised to see the photos that Shyamala has been posting recently. In the past, the brunette was very plump. But now it has become very thin and fragile. Netizens are also surprised when those photos are posted on social media. Moreover, doubts are also expressed as to why it has become so delicate.

Her recent photos are proof that the brunette anchor has become slimmer. But until a few weeks ago, anchor Shyamala was said to have become thin by doing workouts. In this order, the photos of Shyamala in the new sari look are becoming viral. This cutie always impresses her fans with her beauty and is active on social media and shares her photos. Shyamala, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, is showering comments on her new look.

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