Anushka Sharma: Virat’s success.. Anushka who is emotional

Anushka Sharma: Virat's success.. Anushka who is emotional

Anushka Sharma: A nerve-wracking thriller between India and Pakistan. Team India filled the entire India with joy during the festival. Indians are celebrating this victory very grandly. Along with the fans, many celebrities are also congratulating Virat for his success. Virat’s wife Anushka Sharma got emotional after seeing her husband’s success.

Posting on social media about the husband’s victory, he said, “You brought so much joy into people’s lives tonight. That too on the occasion of Diwali!
You are such a wonderful person. Your tenacity, determination and belief is mind blowing.. I just watched the best match of my life I can say. Although my daughter is too young to understand why her mother is dancing and screaming in the living room, she understands that her father played his best innings that night. You bounced back from the toughest of situations like never before. Came out stronger and smarter than ever..So proud of you. I have immense love for you.” Now this tweet has gone viral.

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