Arohi Rao: Strong counter.. Tammi, even if you beg, you won’t get it

Arohi Rao: Strong counter.. Tammi, even if you beg, you won't get it

Arohi Rao Gives Strong Counter To Netizen: It goes without saying that some netizens make outrageous comments on social media. They think that there is no one to stop them, no matter what they say, it will be valid. More importantly.. they troll celebrities as if it is their birthright and insult them with vulgar language. Celebrities hardly care about such things. But some are not silent. Giving counters in their own style. Now Arohi Rao has done the same.

Aarohi Rao, who went as a participant in the sixth season of Bigg Boss, initially showed a little enthusiasm, but later her plans got ruined. With this, she was eliminated from Bigg Boss. Netizens have been trolling her ever since. In Bigg Boss, they have been making comments saying that if they do not hang out with RJ Surya, they have not done anything special. Arohi did not pay much attention to these but took one comment seriously. “It is correct that you are a farmer.. Why did you come to Bigg Boss? A netizen commented, “Go.. Go and work in the farm”. Sharing it on her Instagram stories, Arohi gave a stunning counter.

Arohi replied to the netizen saying, “Tammi.. If there are no workers in those fields, you will not be able to get rice even if you beg.” That means.. It indirectly says that we should not look down on the farm workers, because of them we are filling our stomachs! In this way, netizens are praising Arohi for her reply. They are praising him for giving him good wisdom.

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