Ashes 2021: Is there such a story behind the Australia-England war? If you know the history of the Ashes, you should be surprised ..! | Ashes 2021 what is ashes series history how Australia vs England rivalry stared

Australia vs England: The Ashes series is one of the oldest tournaments in cricket history, not just cricket. Its history is also very interesting.

Ashes 2021: Is there such a story behind the Australia-England war?  If you know the history of the Ashes, you should be surprised ..!

Ashes 2021

Australia vs England: The Australia-England Ashes series starts on December 8. It was the biggest series in cricket where emotions peaked. Australia and England have no bigger competition in cricket than the Ashes. The series is one of the oldest and longest running competitions in the sporting world. The Ashes series takes place once in England and again in Australia. The first Test will be played at the Gabba Ground in Brisbane, while the series will be played in Australia. This is the 72nd series in the Ashes. These two teams compete once every two years. The Ashes winner is determined by five Test matches. But where did the Ashes start, and why was there excitement in England-Australia for this trophy.

The beginning of the Ashes dates back to 1882. England suffered their first defeat at the hands of Australia at the Oval that year. The British media was shocked by the defeat. There was intense criticism of England. The Sporting Times published a memoir (condolence message after someone’s death). Its title – ‘English Cricket is Dead’. It was also written that the body would be buried and the ashes would be taken to Australia.

In the next series when the England team toured Australia, a woman lit a pair of bells and put them in a small bottle of perfume. Later it turned into a small trophy in the form of a perfume bottle. Since then this little trophy with just ashes has been given to the winner. The original gray trophy is housed in the Marylebone Cricket Club Museum in London.

The last Ashes series was held in England in 2019. The series then drew 2-2. This is the first time the series has been tied since 1972. However, winning the trophy in 2017 left the Ashes series with Australia. The last time England won the Ashes was in 2015. Has played 71 Ashes series so far. Australia has won 33 times and England 32 times. Six series were drawn. Therefore, the 2021 year series is very important.

Australia have dominated the Ashes for the past few years. The team won the series 5-0 in 2013-14. It had previously won 4-0 in 2006-07. The series was dominated until 20 years ago. Australia have won nine of the top ten since then. There was a great deal of controversy when England won the Ashes in 2005. Because it ended Australia’s dominance.

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