Attack on actor Naresh’s residence…complaint to police

Tollywood senior actor Naresh’s residence was raided in Hyderabad. Naresh alleged that the thugs attacked the car parked in front of the house. He said that the car was vandalized last night. He accused his wife Ramya Raghupathi of being behind the attack. To this extent, he lodged a complaint with the Gachibowli police. After receiving Naresh’s complaint, the police are examining the footage of the CCTV cameras. Meanwhile, it is known that Naresh has recently revealed his relationship with actress Pavitra Lokesh. His wife Ramya Raghupathi is worried about that. While Naresh and Pavitri Lokesh were in a hotel in Mysore… Ramya Raghupathi was going to hit him with a sandal and created a sensation. Naresh recently accused his third wife of trying to kill him for property. Naresh said that he has also hired a gang for this.. They are following him.

“I have a life threat from my third wife Ramya Raghupathi. They want to kill me and take my property. Ramya also met a gang for this. A politician and a police officer are also helping her for this. She is doing this for my money. Police should protect me. She has been harassing me emotionally since marriage. I have already filed a diverse petition in the court to grant divorce from him.”

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