Bablu Prithviraj married a 23-year-old girl for the second time.

Bablu Pridhviraj is a name that does not need much introduction to the Telugu audience. He entered the industry as a child actor and showed his ability as a villain and character artist in Telugu. Now a news related to him is becoming very viral. That is, the news of his second marriage to a 23-year-old girl is doing the rounds. The real thing is that actor Prithvi Raj has been staying away from his wife for the past few days due to differences. It is in this context that the campaign of his second marriage is also going strong.

There are rumors that Pridhviraj got married to a 23-year-old girl from Malaysia a few days ago and this marriage was also very secretive. Moreover, the news that Pridhviraj is living with his second wife is doing the rounds in the Tamil media.

And to know how much truth is in this, confirmation must come from Prithviraj. 57 year old Pridhviraj got married to a girl named Bima in 1994. They also had a son named Ahad. This boy is the only child of the Pridhvi couple. At present that child is also facing many difficulties in the matter of autism.

Speaking in an interview.. “My son is suffering from autism. He does not want to meet anyone.. He is happy in his world. He is currently 27 years old. He is very nice.. he understands everything but can’t speak. My wife is very strict about Babu. It makes rules and I keep breaking those rules,” he said. But at the time of his son’s marriage, there are rumors that he married a girl of his daughter’s age. But the real truth is that Pridhvi Raju is living with his first wife, but there is information that someone is deliberately spreading the issue of second marriage. The one with teeth will say anything, what is your problem? The girl also responded to this matter.

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