Balakrishna: Balayya’s new avatar from Diwali.. for the first time in his career

Balakrishna: Balayya's new avatar from Diwali.. for the first time in his career

Balakrishna: Nandamuri Balakrishna is going to do something that has never been done before in his career. He is going to appear in a commercial ad for the first time. While his fellow heroes are earning crores with ads, Balayya did not go for them. Balayya said on one occasion that there was a reason for not acting in ads. He said that his father NTR never acted in advertisements with his image hindered. Balayya said that this image has come from the audience..that’s why we should make films that please them and gain their love..and it is my father’s opinion that we should not use the image given by them for our selfishness..Following his path, Balayya also said that he has not done ads so far. He said that if there is any good for the people, he will definitely do it.

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After the success of Unstoppable and Akhanda, there have been many changes in Balayya. Recently Balayya’s decision shocked not only his fans but also the common audience. The decision taken by Balayya is that Balayya has officially announced that he is going to appear for the first time in an ad for a construction group under Shreyas Media. Balayya decided to donate the money from this to his Basavatharakam Cancer Hospital. Balayya is providing treatment to many cancer patients at very low prices in this hospital. Fans who know that their favorite hero is acting in an ad.. When will the ad be released..? That is eagerly awaited.

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The ad will be aired on TV from Diwali. A poster related to this is going viral on social media. All in all, Mahesh, who is the leader in the Balayya ad field, is ready to challenge Bunny. Balayya’s word has value. Definitely Balayya ads go well with the masses. On the other hand, Balayya is competing with the young heroes by doing films consecutively.

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