Balayya gave green signal to another new commercial ad..!

Balakrishna, who was far away from commercial ads till now, is now unstoppable. Now Balayya said okay to make another announcement. He is currently at the peak stage of his career. On the one hand, he is busy with movies, on the other hand, Unstoppable Show, and on the other hand, he is busy in politics. In this order, it seems that a commercial ad has been given an OK.

It seems that Balayya is also moving according to the trend. Balayya is not only limited to movies but also trying to make an entry in the OTT platform. Usually one takes retirement after crossing 60 years. But Balayya stepped up at the age of 62 and became a brand ambassador.

In other words, no one above 60 years of age has acted in a commercial ad like this. In a way, this is a rare record in Balayya’s career. More than the current heroes, more heroes are stepping up after 60 years. Generally, in this age, many are becoming character artists.. and some are showing their potential as heroes. But now it is reported that Balayya is really rushing to act in a commercial ad. Balayya’s first commercial ad event was held in Hyderabad. Balayya is acting in a commercial ad called 116 Paramount related to Sai Priya Constructions. And we have to see how Balayya will please in this. Also, Balayya has given green signal to Vegashree Jewelers to act as a brand ambassador and now the related announcement has also gone viral.

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