Balayya lost his word.. This is the real reason..!

Balakrishna, who has gained recognition as a star hero, is as busy with his films as he is with politics. Moreover, recently he is also acting as a host for television programs. While the fans are hoping that Balayya’s son Mokshajna will enter the movies soon, it remains to be seen whether that wish will be fulfilled. Now Balayya is busy with the second season of Unstoppable. It is known that the young heroes Vishwak Sen and Siddu Jonnalagadda entered as guests for the second episode. Vishwak Sen’s mother said that Vishwak Sen’s age is young and he has taken on many responsibilities. Being a director, hero and producer at such a young age seems like he is carrying a burden beyond his age.

Also Vishwak Sen’s father said that Vishwak Sen 100 percent thinks that what he said will be correct. His father explained that no matter what I say, he does not listen to me. Vishwak Sen said that he is not even getting time to be with his parents. He also said that from January 2023, ten days in a month will be allotted to the house. After that Balakrishna said.. I also insulted my wife Vasundhara a lot. They commented that every Sunday I would say that I would not work, but I would not keep that promise.

Nandamuri Balakrishna's wife Vasundhara caught with Rs 10 lakh of old notes at Renigunta airport - IBTimes India

Balayya’s comments are now going viral on social media. Currently there are huge expectations on Balayya’s 107th movie. The title of Veera Simha Reddy has also been finalized for this movie. We need to know what kind of success this movie will get which is going to be released amid huge expectations.

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