Balayya shed tears after insulting young heroes..!!

Unstoppable with NBK Season 2, the celebrity talk show hosted by Balayya Babu on Aha OTT platform, is going to air soon. Young heroes like Vishwak Sen and Siddu Jonnalagadda attended this episode as guests. And with the arrival of both of them, the entire stage was filled with the uproar of the audience. Moreover, there is no doubt that both of them are role models for new entrants in the industry. They came into the industry and made films under their own direction and reached a high position. That is why these young heroes can be said to be role models for newcomers.

Vishwak Sen and Siddu Jonnalagadda, who attended the program, told Balayya Babu about the insults they faced while waiting for new opportunities in the Jonnalagadda industry. Balayya also closed his eyes after hearing that hardship. When the promo of this episode was released, these two heroes are making everyone cry in that promo. What is Big Insult Me Life as part of the promo? Balayya Babu asked the hero Siddhu.. Can you become a hero with scars on your face? He said that they laughed. Balayya got tears in his eyes.

What was the big trouble in Vishvak Sen’s life after that? When asked, he became emotional saying that his sister joined the hospital, he stayed in the hospital till one o’clock at night and went to the set at six o’clock in the morning. This whole promo has become a bit emotional.

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