Balayya-Vijay Sai Reddy: True personalities are known only in difficult times.. You two are really great uncles | Nandamuri Balakrishna MP Vijaya Sai Reddy Stands With Taraka Ratna Family During Difficulties Telugu News

A lamp was lit in that house. After 23 days of fighting, she was exhausted and dried up. Baba.. no matter how much oil I put on my lips.. no matter how much I increased the pressure.. the lamp did not light. It stopped suddenly and plunged everyone into grief. She believed in herself more than anyone else.. She left Alekhya, who was half of her, alone.. Silently she reached heaven.

Balayya-Vijay Sai Reddy: True personalities are known only in difficult times.. You two are really great uncles.

Nandamuri Balakrishna – MP Vijay Sai Reddy

Dad come back.. Mom is crying non-stop. When father opened his eyes, he cried and mother’s eyes dried up. If Tarakaratna’s children are crying saying this..what can we much can we say..such a tragedy shook her life. She is Alekhya Reddy..Tarakaratna’s wife..loved and Samudra is reeling with pain. All of a sudden, life seems to be stunted..the one who was supposed to be with you forever..when time came together..God did not show mercy and left in the middle. Her pain with three children is beyond words.

Pedananna Vijayasai Reddy, Tarakaratna Babay Balakrishna stood by her as she was left alone in Jagamantha’s family. Both stood by them. Babai was always there for the boy and Pedananna stood by him till the end. Tarakaratna, who collapsed due to a heart attack during the Lokesh Padayatra on January 27, was rushed to the hospital in Kuppam by Babai Balayya. After that Tarakaratna was shifted to Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore for better treatment.

From that moment..from the time he was admitted to Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital till he breathed his last, Babai Balayya never let go of Tarakaratna’s hand. Babai tried to get the boy even if he had to fight to the death. While Tarakaratna was struggling with death, Balayya recited the Mrityunjaya mantra in his ear and tried to save the boy. Even so, they thought that God would protect Taraka from draining the five lives. But..God was not merciful..Time did not come together..Babai Balakrishna’s quest for the boy’s health moved everyone. Balakrishna wet his eyes many times for Tarakaratna. Pujas and homams were also performed for the recovery of Taraka.

Balayya made many efforts to take Tarakaratna to Singapore for better treatment. When it was not possible, they called big doctors from abroad. Babai Balayya wanted to live like a get up and come move among them shine as one in his family..Babai Balayya wanted more than his father..he struggled. During the 23 days in Tarakaratna Hospital, he was not taking sleepy meals and used to tell everyone that he was doing well from time to time. At one stage, Taraka could not stop crying after seeing the situation. Balayya, who treated Anna’s son like his own son, did not try to make Taraka live. On the one hand, if there were shootings..they were cancelled..whenever then..they boarded a flight to Bangalore and went to the hospital. Talked to doctors. However, the situation got out of hand.. Finally Tarakaratna had to lose.

Balayya Babaye brought Tarakaratna, who was far away from marriage, closer to the Nandamuri family..that’s why..Babaye is more than a father to much so..Babaye Balakrishna’s photo is tattooed on his shoulder. Tarakaratnadi’s love the presence of friends in Sanghi 2012 married Alekhya Reddy as the elders did not agree. They have two daughters and one son. Alekhya Reddy is not someone else.. YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy’s wife Sunanda is the sister daughter. They liked each other..loved each other for some married. As the elders did not agree..for some time..Tarakaratna stayed away from the Nandamuri family..then he got closer to his parents through Baba Balayya..Balayaye made Tarakaratna join the family again..that is why Balayya..both Tarakaratna and Alekhya Reddy are very fond of each the family has a big direction. Not only Balakrishna.. there is another one. He is Vijayasai Reddy.. Alekya Pedananna..

Pedananna Vijayasai Reddy stood by Alekhya who was in grief of Puttedu on behalf of Puttedu. Both Babai and Pedananna tried hard till the end to protect their eyes. Balayya and Vijayasai were always in touch with the doctors to provide all kinds of medical help to Tarakaratna who was fighting death in the hospital. Vijayasai desperately wanted to bring his son-in-law Tarakaratna home safely. Tarakaratna was very supportive of Alekhya when she was in the hospital. No matter how busy he was in politics.. he kept knowing Tarakaratna’s health condition in the hospital from time to time.. he assured Alekhya that I was there. It is said that he played a big role in the love marriage of Alekhya and Tarakaratna. But he repeatedly remembered Balayya’s hard work for Tarakaratna.

Vijayasai stood by his wife and children after Tarakaratna breathed his last. They said that this pain is unbearable but it will last for some time. Vijayasai stood beside Tarakaratna’s physical body as a gentleman. Junior NTR, Chandrababu, Chiranjeevi, Sharmila, Balakrishna, who came to pay their respects, received everyone himself. He wished everyone to put aside party differences and stand by Alekhya. Everyone was warmly welcomed and spoken to. Alekhya sat next to him and said that he was not a big man..He played the role of a big man.

And Babai Balakrishna..and Alekhya Pedananna Vijayasai Reddy..tried beyond their power to survive Tarakaratna. Their efforts were not in vain. The wish was not fulfilled. It remains a failed attempt. The last attempt also failed..fate thought otherwise. Taraka was taken away. However, Balayya and Vijayasai stood by Alekhya as if they were with us.

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