Balayya: You have this grandpa.. He is guarding against crossing the compound wall Nandamuri Balakrishna Pic with Taraka Ratna Kids Goes Viral On Social Media Telugu News

Balayya has given courage to Tarakaratna’s wife and children all these years. He was with them during the days in the hospital. Even if he came to Hyderabad for some work in the middle, he would go to Bangalore hospital as soon as the work was over.

Balayya made no effort to save Tarakaratna. They worshiped many gods. Homams were performed. A great flame was lit. Doctors were called from abroad and treated. But Tarakaratna’s body did not respond to the treatment. Balayya took care of everything in the hospital for 23 days. Seeing the child in that situation.. on the one hand bearing the pain under the crop.. on the other hand Tarakaratna came to give courage to his wife and children. But Tarakaratna went to immovable worlds. Now what about the wife and three children? Alekhya Reddy loses her beloved husband at such a young age and suffers from mental conflict. And the innocent looks of the children bring tears.

What’s wrong… Balayya can’t bring back a lost man. But he protects those who are there. Vijayasai Reddy has already revealed that Balayya said that he will take the responsibility of Tarakaratna’s wife and children. When Balayya leaves on Sunday, Tarakaratna’s elder daughter goes… and hugs him… the bonding between them will be understood. (N) Nishika, (T) Tanay Ram, (R) Reya with Tarakaratna Kids ❤️ Balayya’s photo will become a trend. Nandamuri fans are getting emotional after seeing this photo. Balayya, who cares about those who are not related to him, is commenting that he will protect these children born in the Nandamuri clan in his heart.

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