Bandla Ganesh: Once again Bandla Ganesh’s controversial comments. Bandla ganesh posts sensational tweet on chandrababu and vijayasai reddy talk

Everyone thought that the two were talking about the activities to be done at the time of tragedy. But Bandla Ganesh..

Bandla Ganesh: Once again Bandla Ganesh's controversial comments.

Bandla Ganesh Tweet On Chandrababu And Vijauasai Reddy

Tollywood film producer and actor Bandla Ganesh has become the focal point of yet another controversy. Chandrababu, who went to Nandamuri Tarakaratna’s house to pay his respects, spoke to Vijayasai Reddy who was there. Bandla Ganesh’s tweet against them has caused outrage among netizens. Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh’s former chief minister Chandrababu’s uncle will be next in line for Tarakaratna. Chandrababu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneshwari. Also Tarakaratna’s wife Alekhya Reddy will be the daughter of Vijayasai Reddy. Alekhya Reddy is Vijayasai Reddy’s wife’s sister’s daughter. Vijayasai Reddy was there to console Alekhya Reddy and other family members who were saddened by the death of Tarakaratna.

Apart from talking to Nandamuri’s family members and others, he also discussed the programs to be held with those who came there. Vijayasai Reddy also spoke to Junior NTR, Kalyan Ram, Chandrababu, Balakrishna and others who came there in this order. However, the photo and video of Andhra Pradesh’s political rivals Chandrababu and Vijayasai Reddy sitting side by side and talking have gone viral on social media. As both of them are relatives on both sides of Tarakaratna, it is believed that they are talking about the activities to be done at the time of tragedy. For the most part, no malice has been attributed to this incident. But Bandla Ganesh shared this photo on Twitter and made sensational comments.

He said that even if he lost his life, he would not sit and talk like this with a person whom he considered an enemy. It is also said that if you live, you should live like a lion. If you die, you should die like a lion. Due to this, many netizens are criticizing Bandla Ganesh by criticizing him. We also know that Bandla Ganesh’s posts on Twitter have become a hot topic of discussion recently. On many occasions, the netizens are furious over his tweets.

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