BCCI on TeamIndia players food: Controversy over TeamIndia players’ food menu .. BCCI given by Clarity.! (Video)

Bcci Given Clarity On Controversy Over Teamindia Players Food Menu In This Video

The Indian cricketers’ menu has been embroiled in controversy over the Test series against New Zealand starting on the 25th of this month. BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhoomal clarified the controversy. The BCCI has stated that it will not interfere in the eating habits of players. “We do not impose any rules on the players’ diet plan and the players can choose the food they like,” he said. Is it vegetarian? Is it non-vegetarian? Arun Dhoomal has clarified that this is a priority. In the first Test to be held in Kanpur, apart from banning pork and beef in the diet of Indian cricketers, the news that halal meat is going to be offered to players has gone viral. Fans on social media are outraged that this does not impose restrictions on the food that players can eat. With the Indian team as well as the New Zealand team having Muslim players, it seems that the BCCI wants to provide halal meat.

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