Bigg Boss 6: Geethu is more agitated.. She says that it’s okay to put her hand inside the t-shirt.. | Bigg Boss telugu season 6 episode number 6 latest updates

In Bigg Boss (Bigg Boss) house, there is no commotion as usual. This time the people who are in the Bigg Boss house are the ones who are not familiar with each other.. And all the fuss they are making is not so much, especially Geethu Royal..

In Bigg Boss (Bigg Boss) house, there is no commotion as usual. This time the people who are in the Bigg Boss house are strangers.. The fuss they are making is not all that much, especially Geetu Royal.. This girl who entered the house saying Galata Geetu.. is trying hard to do justice to that name. There is a lot of commotion in the Bigg Boss house. Arguing with the people in the house.. talking furiously.. Geetu’s voice is heard more in Bigg Boss as she gets into an argument without listening to what others are saying. It is known that Chalaki Chanti Geetu has already taken a class on this sales behavior. Now once again Geethu has created a negative impression among the audience with her behavior. In yesterday’s episode, Geethu got angry.

Geethu was seen sitting next to Baladitya and waving her leg close to his face. Baladitya very politely said that it is not good to sit properly.. It is not good to wave those legs on your face. ‘Ah.. put it in your lid and wave it? said Geethu with an annoyed face. Baladitya said that it is wrong to put it in someone’s mouth and wave it. However, Geethu did not change his method. She said that I am used to moving.. I can’t stay properly. After that, Baladitya and Geetu competed as part of the captaincy task. Nana did Yagi for Geetu to win this competition. In the captaincy task given by Bigg Boss, she took the numbers together and made mistakes in the T-shirt. Everyone was shocked. Whoever asked.. She proudly said that this is my strategy. You took it and put it inside the t-shirt, didn’t you? When Rohit asked how to take them off, Geethu said, “That’s my strategy. Take it if you want. I don’t play fair. I’ll play unfairly. That’s my strategy. My strategy is to make the other side lose.” With that, the audience and netizens are criticizing Geethu’s style.

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