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It should be said that especially Galata Geetu’s style of play entertained the audience. But have the other contestants eaten.. have they slept..

It must be said that Bigg Boss season 6 is not impressing the audience from the first week (Bigg Boss 6 Telugu). And this time, only a few people are familiar faces to the audience. A few others are just getting introduced to the public. The first week of nominations process was Heatekkaga.. followed by Geethu.. Revanth.. Faima’s performance was impressive. The second week was a bit juicy from the nominations to the captaincy contender task. As part of the Sisindri task, Galata Geetu, Revanth have already started the game. It should be said that especially Galata Geetu’s style of play entertained the audience. But the rest of the contestants are like have they eaten.. have they slept.. Especially Srisatya, Vasanthi, Shani, Abhinaya Sri, Sudeepa, Baladitya are unknown contestants. Their names are heard only when Nagarjuna comes on weekends. The rest of the week is not even known. And Srihan is carefully playing the safe game. Adi Reddy nominated Marina Rohit saying they have two minds, but not one of them is actively participating in the game. As for Shani, she has not played the game until now, except when she says make me angry. Also, Srisatya and Abhiyana Sri are talking about the opponent’s game, but they seem to have forgotten that they are in the game.

Nag took the class hard for this lazy batch. If you come to eat, to sleep, to chill, go away, they said seriously. They scolded each of them saying that they were blindfolded about their playing style..behaviour. If you think you have come only to eat and enjoy, pack your bag and leave. But even though they are taking nag class one by one, the lazy batch affair is not understood by the audience. They said that they played the game but they could not give a correct answer as to what percentage they played. Also, while some said that they were afraid of getting beaten up if they played the game, others said that they were not interested in the task this week. The game has not started till now.. but they have given an explanation that they will start the game from next week. And while some of them are carefully playing the safe game, others are not showing interest in playing the game. With this, the latest TRP rating makes it clear that even the audience is not willing to watch the Bigg Boss show. But will all of them play for Nag’s class next week? or ? It should be seen.

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