Bigg Boss 6 Telugu: The first elimination in Bigg Boss season 6.. Who is out of the house | Shani was eliminated from Bigg Boss 6.

It is known that Telugu reality game show Bigg Boss season 6 is going on in a juicy way. The Bigg Boss house is full of fights, cries and waves.

It is known that the Telugu reality game show Bigg Boss Season 6 (Bigg Boss 6 Telugu) is going on smoothly. The Bigg Boss house is full of fights, cries and waves. The housemates are playing to the best of their ability in the tasks given by Bigg Boss. But Nagarjuna lashed out in yesterday’s episode saying that some people come not to play the game but just to survive to eat. Nag took the class by telling everyone what they were doing. Nagarjuna also appeared on the mast fire. Baladitya, Shani, Sudeepa, Vasanthi, Sri Satya, Marina Rohit, Abhinaya, Keerthi, Srihan left these nine people aside and Nag got serious whether they came to play the actual game or to pass the time to eat.

Talking about Revanth.. You have calmed down your anger but don’t give advice and morals to them. If you put a blob.. you will like it.. it should be made like this.. people should be like this.. you are saying.. stop correcting everyone.. correct yourself.. fun with your friends will be good.. there will be a limit.. you have come to bring everyone closer.. Nagarjuna complimented him while scolding saying that the game is not for distance. And when Nag said who will be chosen as the worst contestant in the house.. Mr. Satya, Shani and Vasanti were chosen. Nagarjuna eliminated Shani and sent him out saying that one of these three will be eliminated. Shani was eliminated as it was a match with the voting of the house members and audience voting.

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