Bigg Boss 6: Week 8 nominations list leaked..!

Bigg Boss is an acclaimed show that needs no introduction. The sixth season is now underway in Telugu. It is against this backdrop that the nomination process for the 8th week of the sixth season of Bigg Boss has also started. The information about who has been nominated in this is also currently leaked. This time, 21 contestants entered the sixth season of Bigg Boss.. 7 of them have already been eliminated. Arjun Kalyan was eliminated in the seventh week. The nomination task is the only interesting part of the entire Bigg Boss show…

The reason for this is that there are many fights going on in it. Out of this, this episode got a huge response from the audience. Like every season, the nomination tasks are going on in the sixth season as well. Every week there are fights and competitions between the contestants. Moreover, the distance between some people has already increased in this season. Meanwhile, the nomination task for the eighth week also went on with arguments between the housemates.

Ten people have been nominated in the latest nomination for the 8th week. Baladitya, Aadi Reddy, Srihan, Geethu Royal, Sri Satya, Revanth, Marina, Rajasekhar, Rohit, Vasanthi, Krishnan have been leaked. It seems that Faima, Keerthi Butt, Inaya Sultana and RJ Surya are safe from the nomination in these ten nominations. It is to be known who will be eliminated in the 8th week.

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