Bigg Boss Season 6: Nominations ruckus in Bigg Boss house.. Singer Revanth V/s Faima.. Arohi.. | Bigg boss season 6 telugu first week nominations promo singer revanth vs jabardasth faima and anchor arohi

Faima countered by saying that I have not seen her work at home till now. Revanth said that I am not at home.

Bigg Boss Season 6 nomination process has started. It is known that for the last two days they have been playing the task of trash.. class.. mass. Now the organizers have released the nominations promo as part of the first week. In the newly released promo, it seems that there was a war of words in the house in the first week itself. Especially if you look at the promo, it seems that there was an intense fight between singer Revanth, Jabardhast Faima, and anchor Arohi. Bigg Boss asked the members of the house to write the names of those they don’t like and put them on the toilet seat and flush them. In this first Revanth.. Nominating Faima.. So far I have not seen her working at home.. Faima countered by saying that you can’t come where I have done. Revanth said that I am not at home.

Faima punched by saying that there are only players in the game.. But Revanth is speaking. And after this war also went to anchor Arohi and singer Revanth. Nominating Arohi, Revanth says that he said, “Um, let him get up.” With this, she said that she will not tolerate such bad names. I don’t remember.. Revanth reversed saying this is my nomination. Due to this, there was a further fight between Arohi and Revanth. If you ask a question of 2 marks, how can you tell me the answer of 20 marks. After that, Vasanthi Krishnan, Syrian actress Sreesathyan, Arjun Kalyan, Jabardhast Faima were nominated. Also Sudeepa, Vasanti, Keerthi and Arohi nominated singer Revanth. When Revanth countered to FIMA that it would be better to reduce the price, she countered by saying that if you reduce it, I will reduce it. Jabardast Faima, Srisatya, Chalaki Chanti, Baladitya, Inaya, Abhinaya Sri, Arohi, Singer Revanth have been nominated in the first week’s nominations.

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