Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Racha Racha in Bigg Boss.. Only those three will be nominated.. | Bigg boss 6 telugu latest episode 7/9/2022

Day by day the interest of the audience in Bigg Boss show is increasing. And the fights and riots in the house are continuing. Already Galata Geetoo voice is heard more in the house.

Bigg Boss (Bigg Boss Telugu 6) show is getting more and more popular day by day. And the fights and riots in the house are continuing. Already Galata Geetoo voice is heard more in the house. In yesterday’s episode too, Geetu made a fuss once again. Naya Sultana’s shouts, screams, waves, galata song and over action gave the audience enough entertainment. Also, Arohi says that Revanth trashed her with the reason that she spends most time with Surya, that’s why I am trying to talk to everyone. And while Revanth Arjun was talking about this matter, Arjun gave advice to Revanth. He said that if you throw it in the trash for such reasons, you will become bad, but Revanth took the light.

Marina talks to Inaya, Arohi, Surya and Srihan. She said that while hugging her husband, she was not giving the hug properly. Merina said that he would have waved away if he kept hugging her lovingly. Rohit said that I have not over done anything. Geethu tried to take a class to Revanth.. think for ten seconds while speaking.. are you speaking for your good.. everyone is talking negative about you.. Geethu gave advice. Class to trash.. trash to trash. In which Sunaya, Revanth and Geethu discussed. One has to go to class. In this, Revanth had to sacrifice as Geethu played Sympathy. Baladitya got into the trash himself. Again, Abhinaya lost to Revanth in the task called Slide Zara Slide Zara Slide. After losing the task, Abhinaya got trashed. Revanth went from trash to mass. Neha won the role baby role task and went to the class team. As Neha comes to the class.. Surya comes from the class to the mass. Adi Reddy said that he wants to play the captaincy task as well, so Surya came to the mass from the class. Geethu, Aadi Reddy and Nehalu were left out of the nominations in the class. Bigg Boss says that Trash members Inaya, Abhinaya and Baladitya have been nominated.

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