Bigg Boss Telugu: ‘Not to Jail Bigg Boss.. Please send her out’ | Viewers sick and tired of geetu royal over action in bigg boss telugu season 6 Telugu News

Geetha Royal’s behavior.. Netizens are expressing extreme intolerance on her way of speaking. Many are commenting that she is doing all this for screen space.

Bigg Boss 6: Bigg Boss Telugu.. Season 6 is getting juicy. But the unnecessary dramas of some members are irritating the viewers. It is understood that some have prepared well in advance. Especially Geetu Royal) Viewers feel that they are doing over drama. It is clear from the comments posted under the promos that she is not only teasing housemates but also outsiders. If you look at unnecessary things. Netizens are commenting that her comments that she does not give respect to elders. She got the most votes as the worst member and went to jail. Viewers are saying, ‘Bigg Boss, please send her out, not jail’. But there should be some spice.. If the noise in the house is to continue.. people like this have to stay inside. If everyone is like Baladitya and RJ Surya.. the show will go smoothly.. So no matter how many times she is nominated.. there is a possibility that the organizers will be inclined to keep her in the house for a long time.

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