Bigg Boss: What happened to Nagarjuna who said that to Revanth?

Presently, Bigg Boss, which is being broadcast in many languages ​​in India, has gained a huge response in Telugu and has become recognized as the number one reality show. Especially now the sixth season is being aired with a new twist. Bigg Boss got serious after the contestants were disappointed last week. In this background, Akkineni Nagarjuna also fired on some contestants. Now let’s see what actually happened.

Currently Bigg Boss show is getting huge response in Telugu and they are coming up with innovative plans. However, the rating is not provided. All the contestants got a big shock when the organizers of the celebrity gaming league failed to select the captaincy contestants for the seventh week. With this, Bigg Boss closed all the facilities and then gave the contestants a task called “Battle for Survivor”. In total, the seventh week ended without choosing a new captain for the house.

Nagarjuna is lashing out at the contestants in his own way. If not, the latest promo has been released so that there is interest in Saturday’s episode. Bigg Boss said that a contestant from the blue team who lost in this week’s task should be directly nominated for the next week. That team captain Mr. Satya came forward. After that she changed her mind and said let’s take tickets. Nagarjuna got fired at Satya and said that if her name is mentioned in it then we will not vote. Moreover, many contestants came in the sixth season, but Revanth entered the ring as the favorite for the title. Accordingly, he is playing in his own style and is getting safe in the polls. Even in such situations, Nagarjuna fired at Revanth for the first time and insulted him by calling him Pappu. Currently, the promo related to this is going viral.

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