Breaking news: Salman’s health condition is serious.. Fans are worried..!

Salman Khan, who is known as the superstar hero of Bollywood muscle heroes, is recently suffering from serious illness. The entire Bollywood was taken by surprise. He has been suffering from dengue for the past few days. Salman Khan, who is hosting the 16th season of Bigg Boss, handed over the responsibility to Karan Johar. Bigg Boss team has officially explained the matters related to this. Because Salman Khan’s health condition is not good at all.

It seems that he is very dull due to dengue disease. Moreover, the platelets in the body have also fallen. It seems that he was taken to the hospital. If not, the family members are careful not to let these things out. Moreover, it seems that his health condition is a bit serious. After knowing this, the fans are expressing concern. Anyway, fans want Salman Khan’s health to improve.

Recently, Salman Khan, who gave a guest appearance in the movie Godfather, has become closer to the Telugu audience. It is reported that celebrities are also praying to God for Salman Khan’s recovery soon. Dengue has already become a deadly disease. When the rains are booming, the diseases are also attacking the people in the same way. So the medical authorities also suggest to be alert. In any case, the family members as well as celebrities and fans wish Salman Khan to recover soon.

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