Bruce Willis: Famous hero suffering from an incurable disease.. Do you know how deadly it is? | Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis Suffering From untreatable Dementia, know about the disease

Hollywood legendary actor Bruce Willis (67), who has fans all over the world, is suffering from untreated frontotemporal dementia. His family members disclosed this on Thursday

Diseases are prevalent regardless of age. Many new diseases are affecting man with changing food habits.. lifestyle. There is no difference between small and big.. There is no discrimination between rich and poor. Not because of age. Everyone is affected by diseases. Bruce Willis (67), the legendary Hollywood actor who won worldwide fans with his ‘Die-Hard’ movies, was affected by untreated frontotemporal dementia. His family members disclosed this on Thursday. His wife Emma, ​​ex-wife, famous actress Demi Moore and his five daughters released a statement to this effect. They said that they are still a little relieved to have been diagnosed.

Unstoppable actor..

In the 1980s and 90s, Bruce Willis was a huge star. He gained craze with movies like Die Hard, Sixth Sense, Armageddon, Pulp Fiction. Five times he has been nominated for Golden Globe Awards. Won two Emmy Awards. He won a Golden Globe Award for the film Moonlighting.

What is Frontotemporal Dementia?

Experts revealed that Bruce Willis’ ‘frontotemporal dementia’ affects the brain. He said that the personality, emotions, behavior and speech of those affected by this disease are not good. These disorders cause brain cells to lose function. Because of this, they cannot speak properly.. they cannot understand. Doctors say that this problem arises due to abnormal accumulation of proteins in the brain cells. As a result, the frontal and temporal parts of the brain begin to gradually shrink.

Is there treatment?

Experts say that there is currently no cure for frontotemporal dementia. But some medical experts recommend some medicines for this. Antidepressants help reduce anxiety and control aggressive behavior. Meanwhile, many celebrities and fans want Bruce Willis to recover quickly from this disease. Posts are being made on social media in this order.

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