PM Modi: Prime Minister Modi to inaugurate an international airport .. Massive influx of Buddhist monks | Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate the Kushinagar International Airport in Uttar Pradesh on Today

Pm Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Kushinagar International Airport in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday as part of an effort to connect Buddhist pilgrimage sites around the world. During his visit, he will lay the foundation stone for various development projects in Uttar Pradesh. Assembly elections will be held in Uttar Pradesh early … Read more

Petrol Diesel Price: Petrol and diesel prices will not go down across the country .. but only in AP .. | petrol diesel prices 20 10 2021 in telangana andhra pradesh hyderabad warangal vijayawada krishna delhi mumbai chennai and other states

Petrol Diesel Price Petrol-Diesel Rates Today: Petrol and diesel prices are on fire across the country. Petrol and diesel prices are dropping in all cities, including metro cities. There were ups and downs in the Telugu states as well. On Wednesday, prices were seen changing in Telugu states. If so .. Domestic oil companies have … Read more

Last Date: Definitely complete these 4 tasks by the end of this month .. otherwise you will lose a lot .. | Get rid of these 4 tasks by 31st October last date form construction of dream house to income tax returns

31st October It was the end of October. October 31 is the deadline for many important tasks. That list includes a lot .. especially special offers. Some important offers like this end today. If you want to take out a home loan, HDFC Bank’s special offer expires on October 31 this month. Apart from this … Read more

Silver Price Today: Shock to silver buyers .. Increased Silver prices .. Details of latest rates ..! | Today Silver Rate: Silver price on 20 october 2021 in hyderabad delhi mumbai chennai other cities

Silver Price Today: On the one hand, the price of gold is falling .. but silver is running. Indians place great importance on gold and silver. Especially the purchase of silver lamps and silver statues is also going well. Also, many people buy a variety of jewelry made of silver. There is always a demand … Read more

Coal Stock: Reduced coal shortage in the country .. Increased reserves in thermal power plants | Thermal Plants Coal Stock Back To Normal Levels: Report

Coal Coal shortage in the country has declined slightly. Thermal power plants have been shut down due to depletion of coal reserves at power plants in several states. The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has given good news as power plants are heading towards crisis. Stated that the dry fuel storage condition in thermal projects has … Read more

Gold Price Today: Good news for women .. reduced gold prices .. only in Hyderabad ..! | Today gold rate: 22 and 24 carat gold price on 20 october 2021 in hyderabad delhi mumbai chennai other cities

Gold Price Today: Good news for gold buyers. Gold prices, which have been falling and rising for the past few days, have recently come down. In India, there is always a demand for cash. Not to mention the wedding season in particular. Domestic gold prices fell sharply on Wednesday (October 20). However in some areas … Read more

Viral Video: The river that flows fast around .. The elephant that got the lives very cleverly .. If you watch the video, you will be shocked ..! | Uttarakhand floods elephant save his life from raging rivers video goes viral on social media watch this video

Elephant Viral Video: Uttarakhand is experiencing heavy rains. Streams, meanders, and rivers are overflowing. Landslides on the other hand are breaking. Not only the common people but also the animals are facing severe problems due to this heavy rains. Many dumb creatures are being washed away in the floods. One of the latest videos on … Read more

Viral Video: The house washed away in the flood while everyone was watching .. Shocking video viral .. | Kerala rains: A house got washed away in Kottayam by strong water currents of river Watch Viral Video

Kerala Rains Kerala rains: Kerala Chigurutakula is shaking due to heavy rains. Water is everywhere you look with the horror of floods. The rivers are overflowing. The landslides caused by the incessant rains have so far killed 26 people and left many stranded. Relief efforts are still underway in areas where landslides have broken out. … Read more

Aryan Khan Case: Arrest of Aryan Khan is a violation of fundamental rights .. Maharashtra Aid Minister Kishore Tiwari’s petition in the Supreme Court! | Aryan Khan Drugs Case Siva send leader Kishore Tiwari pitition in Supreme Court on Narcotic control Bureau probe

Maharastra Minister Tiwari Aryan Khan Case: Narcotics Control Bureau cases, Shiv Sena senior leader has asked the Supreme Court to order an inquiry into the violation of fundamental rights of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan. Petitioning under Article 32 of the Constitution of India, Maharashtra Aid Minister Kishore Tiwari asked Chief Justice of … Read more