Chandrababu couple’s tributes to Tarakaratna’s body

TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu paid tribute to Tarakaratna’s body. Anjali arrived at Tarakaratna’s residence in Mokilo along with wife Bhuvaneshwari and son Lokesh. Later, Tarakaratna visited family members. Earlier, his brothers Kalyan Ram and NTR paid tribute to Tarakaratna’s body. Tarak got emotional seeing the dead body.

“The news of Tarak’s death has caused great shock and sorrow. Efforts to revive Tarakaratna, prayers of family members, fans and treatment by the most expert doctors did not yield results. He fought with death for 23 days and finally left us and left our family sad. I am praying to God to bring peace to Tarakaratna’s soul,” tweeted Chandrababu.

Nara Lokesh said that the fact that the voice of Tarakaratna, whom she affectionately called as brother-in-law, could no longer be heard was deeply shocking. He tweeted, ‘The footsteps of Tarakaratna, who walked with me as if I were there, have stopped.’

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