Child Artist Divya Nagesh : See how beautiful Arundhati’s child Jejemma is now..

Divya Nagesh

Many people entered the industry as child artistes and later became star heroes and heroines. Not only that, but some of them have earned an unforgettable recognition with one or two movies as child artistes. Chinnari, who played the role of Anushka Chinnapati in the movie Arundhati, is one of the artists who have left a lasting impression on the audience. The child’s name is Divya Nagesh.

Divya Nagesh got well known for her excellent performance in the movie Arundhati. Arundhati movie has become an unforgettable movie for Divya Nagesh in his career. It is known that the movie Arundhati was released at that time and became a big blockbuster hit. Even now, if this movie is aired on TV, there are many people who watch it. Divya Nagesh has done many movies in Malayalam as a heroine. She also made her debut as a heroine in the Telugu movie Nenu Nanna Abbaddam. Recently, some of her latest photos are going viral on social media.

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