Chiranjeevi: AICC issued new ID card to Chiranjeevi.. Megastar as PCC delegate.. | AICC has issued an ID card as Congress delegate to Megastar Chiranjeevi on behalf of Andhra Pradesh

AICC issued PCC ID card in the name of Chiranjeevi. The Congress party leadership has sent an ID card mentioning Chiranjeevi as PCC representative from Kovuru.

The Congress Party has issued a new ID card identifying itself as an APPCC delegate. PCC has issued this card identifying itself as a delegate till 2027. Megastar Chiranjeevi, who earlier announced that he is away from politics, but Congress says that Chiranjeevi is their leader. Chiranjeevi released an audio yesterday saying that even though he is away from politics, politics is not going away from him. The Congress party leadership has issued an ID card naming Chiranjeevi as PCC representative from Kovuru. It also bears the signature of Madhusudan Mistry, who was the Congress presidential election observer. It seems that this ID card has been issued to enable voting in the upcoming Congress presidential election.

Chiranjeevi merged the Praja Rajyam Party with the Congress and later became a member of the Rajya Sabha. In this order, he took charge as Union Minister. But after that, Chiranjeevi, who has been staying away from politics for a long time, is also staying away from Congress activities. Later he focused more on movies. No mention of politics.

Godfather mega dialogue is now shaking the Telugu states. Chiranjeevi posted a dialogue on Twitter in this movie, which is set in a completely political backdrop. Just ten seconds of dialogue. But now it has become a hot topic. “I am away from politics.. Politics is not away from me.” This is the megastar’s dialogue. But a big debate has started on what is the meaning behind this.

Chiranjeevi sampled this small bit from Godfather movie for the promotion of the movie. But does the reel dialogue have anything to do with tomorrow’s real politics.. did Chiranjeevi indirectly give a hint about it or should it be seen as a promotion stunt..? Many questions have come to the fore.

The Godfather, which is going to shake the box office as a remake of Lucifer, is going to release on October 5th on the occasion of Dussehra. Already the teasers and pre-release events have increased the curiosity. Now fans are celebrating with 10 seconds of audio.

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