CM KCR – RGV: They are all reel stars.. But he is a pan India real political star.. RGV’s tweet on KCR.. | Telangana CM KCR is Real Pan India Political Star says Ram Gopal Varma as TRS Party plans to go national

If he speaks, it’s one level. If he doesn’t speak, it’s another level. If this tweet is taken lightly, the frame of the controversy will be broken. For whom they want to be farmers. But Manodi’s route is separate. He is none other than wrong ..Gopala Varma…!! RGV, which always runs in the path of controversies, has now changed its route. CM showered KCR with praise.

RGV means controversy, controversy means RGV.. But this time it is not like that and he tweeted somewhat differently. Now they looked into Telangana. His special feature is that he often greets controversies. He is the sensational director Ram Gopal Varma. But RGV reacts sarcastically on any matter. He comments in his own style. RGV is always in the news and leaves no one behind. Now the latest Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao has been touched. It’s not like this.. They lifted it to the sky together. Not with criticism.. Director Ramgopalvarma showered with praise.

Director Ramgopal Varma, who creates a sensation with any tweet, recently tweeted against TRS and Telangana CM KCR. Following Baahubali, RRR, Pushpa, KGF 2, RGV wished to become TRS-BRS and expand pan India. Yash, Tarak, Prabhas, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun are reel stars and pan India real political star KCR is mentioned in this tweet. Whether he tweeted it or not, it got thousands of likes within an hour. It is being retweeted hundreds of times.

If this is the case… it seems that TRS leader and Chief Minister KCR is preparing a plan to form a party at the national level. There was a campaign that he will announce the party on Dussehra. But it seems that there have been minor changes. From Dussehra, the information has reached the end of this year. It means that KCR is likely to announce a new party in December.

It seems that Prashant Kishore has said Katif to friendship with TRS. Prashant Kishore, who previously met with KCR on national politics, has been maintaining a distance for a few days. It is known that he is reluctant to work with TRS at the national level. It is reported that IPAC has said that it will work only up to the state. But TRS is not interested in state level services. There is a discussion in the political circles that Prashant Kishore is ready to work at the national level for the anti-BJP alliance with the Congress.

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