Crazy Punishment: If you get drunk .. you have to give mutton davat to the whole town .. taste adiripovali Sumi | 24 Gujarat villages cage drunkards impose a fine for their release

Crazy Punishment: If you get drunk .. you have to give mutton davat to the whole town .. taste adiripovali Sumi

Mutton Dawath

A drop of alcohol is the source of many misfortunes. Alcohol is inextricably linked to every crime. Two liquor shops are opening on the street with the help of traders. There are places where milk is not available but there is no space where alcohol is not available. People are crowded in front of the shops. If anything goes wrong, the police will have to deal with the cases as a bonus. Some of the villages here are far away from all such situations.

Only a few states in our country have a ban on alcohol. Gujarat is the main state where alcohol is banned. Most of the people here in the district are following a strange rule. Absolute ban on alcohol continues in Ahmedabad, Surendranagar, Amreli, Kutch and Motipura districts. In the villages a cage was set up between the villages. If someone gets drunk they keep it in it all night. After being in the cage for a whole day, 12 hundred rupees is deducted from it. That is not the end of the story.

Almost the whole village participates in the feast that day. Those who do not comply with this punishment will be expelled from the village. No one in the village is helping them and no one is caring for them. Otherwise it means to spend 25 thousand and give a feast to all the villagers. Strange as it may sound to hear, all the villagers abide by these rules. If someone accidentally drinks, they have to spend time in the neighborhood, or on the outskirts of the village, in the fields. If he comes to the town, he will have to pay a fine of Rs. Moreover, some women were hired as informers specifically to detect and inform anyone that drunks had come into the yard. They are being paid a nazrana ranging from Rs 501 to Rs 11 hundred. The names of those who say so are kept confidential.

Rajan Knot, a resident of Gadhisa village in Mandvi zone of Kutch district, was executed in April 2021. Village elders say their villages are calm with these regulations. The quarrels of the wife-husbands at home, the hardships of their wives who have died drunk are disappearing. Police cases and jail terms are said to be wrong with some unscrupulous incidents. Do you think it would be better to implement the same in our hometown ..? If you do it with is more if you give mutton every day ..!

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