Cricket Australia: The Australian bowler who hit the batsmen with the ball .. along with the fine and the suspension .. is it original? | Australian bowler James Pattinson suspended for one match due to code of conduct breach in sheffield shield match

Cricket Australia: The Australian bowler who hit the batsmen with the ball .. along with the fine and the suspension .. is it original?

James Pattinson

Australian Cricket Team: The Australian cricket team reaches the semi-finals of the ICC T20 World Cup-2021. However, it has to face Pakistan on Thursday. But before that, bad news came to an Australian bowler. The bowler was also given a match ban. The bowler’s name is James Pattinson. Pattinson has been found guilty of violating the Code of Conduct during the Sheffield Shield match between Victoria vs New South Wales at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

On the last day of the match Pattinson did something similar and surprised everyone. The ball he threw in his follow throw in the bowling hit the batsman. The batsman’s name is Daniel Hughes. Daniel played a defensive shot to the ball thrown by Pattinson. Stood in his place. Pattinson caught the ball. Daniel was at the crease though. The ball thrown by the bowler hits the batsmen’s leg. With that he was wounded. Although Pattinson immediately apologized, Daniels’ anger did not subside. However, he was found guilty of violating Article 2.7 of the Cricket Australia Code of Conduct.

100% fee penalty ..
Pattinson is facing two charges in the case. The CA fined him 100 percent of his fee. This also added suspension points to his account. That means he will not play against New South Wales in the MCG on Friday in the Marsh Cup. Pattinson, however, reserves the right to appeal the decision. This is the fourth time in the fourth season that Pattinson has been convicted of violating the Code of Conduct. At the same time, this is the second time Sheffield Shield has been suspended for a second-degree violation. In 2019, he was suspended for using obscene language from a player.

Daniel’s efforts were in vain.
The ball turned into a no ball, though Pattison had earlier dismissed Daniel. However, Victoria won the match by 174 runs. Pattinson took two wickets in the first innings of the match and one wicket in the second innings. Daniel did a fantastic job in this match. But, he could not win his team. He scored 59 in the first innings. He scored 89 off 319 balls in the second innings.

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3 matches .. 23 balls .. Highest score is 27 runs .. However ICC honored .. Does anyone know?

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