Did Dhishya Chinnari get a chance as a young hero in Telugu?

Malayalam super hit movie scene in It is being discussed that Esther Anil, who appeared as a child, is eager to enter as a heroine. Along with Malayalam. Telugu in Also Scene 1 and 2 in movies Esther Anil, who also appeared, was the third part in There is no clarity about whether there is or not.

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On the other hand, she is trying hard to enter as a heroine. She is trying to attract everyone’s attention by sharing her photo shoots through social media.

Especially the regular commercial Showing skin like heroines She is doing Andala Arabota photo shoots regularly on social media in They are going viral. That’s why she Telugu There are whispers that the opportunity has come from the film industry.

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A young star the hero He has recently given the OK to a new director that he has got an opportunity to act opposite her as the heroine. The film is going to start soon. Related to that film Pre-production work Recently, an official announcement has been made that there are discussions to select her as the heroine in the film 25 Lakh Remuneration Agreement Information is received through industry circles that it has also happened.

That young is already doing consecutive films the hero He is facing some difficulties due to lack of success. At this time, some are warning that putting her as the heroine in his film will definitely be an experiment.

Think about it one more time the hero And some people are expressing the opinion that the director is currently thinking about her. The real issue is likely to be clarified very soon.

If she makes an entry as a heroine in Telugu, some people are expressing the opinion that there are chances of getting good success.


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