Divi Vadthya : Bigg Boss beauty glamor treat.. Hard to resist

Devi gained super popularity with Bigg Boss. It has been a good craze for a few weeks now. And this beauty is creating a sensation on social media after coming out of Bigg Boss.

Day by day increasing dose of glamor and giving beauty treat. Teasing the boys with hot treats every day. He is creating heat on social media with bold poses. Recently, Divi once again heated up the social media. The star of yesteryear gave bold poses reminiscent of Silk Smita.

The photos posted by Divi in ​​a chef outfit are currently going viral on social media. Guys are tempted by seeing the posted photos of the chef giving hot treats. In these photos, Devi looks like she is preparing food in a bakery.

Divi once again teased the boys by doing a Thai show with a low angle camera. Seeing this, the netizens couldn’t stop posting hot emojis with lots of likes and comments. In low angle, comments are being made saying that Divi has got a hot treat.

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