Diwali special in Bigg Boss house.. Sardar will make noise..!

Usually Sunday means a festive atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house. As it is the festival of Diwali, the guests are also coming to the show. As part of the Diwali special episode, the celebrities who came as guests stirred up the dust with mass dances and class performances. In the guest song, Jabardasth anchor Rashmi rocked the hot song with killing expressions. After that Anjali also gave an excellent performance and Karthi came as a special guest as part of Sardaar movie promotions. Bigg Boss showed the audience the taste of the festival with the performance of each one giving a good kick. The Diwali celebrations were completed without falling short of expectations.

Bigg Boss celebrated Diwali a day early with star dances, singers, songs, hyper comedy, hero Karthi’s arrival. First, actress Anjali flirted with the contestants and then watched the pair of housemates dance. Sri Ramachandra came next and performed his song. Karthi’s arrival after talking about all the Hyper Aadi house mates also brought more colors to the stage. Later, Karti brought sweets to all the house mates and saved both of the nominees. Later participated in a short game with the house mates. After that, Karthi said all the best to the contestants and left. Hyper Adi also brought laughter once again with his comedy. So many stars celebrated Diwali on stage.

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