Do you know where and how the bunny heroine is now?

Heroines maintain their fitness as long as they are in the film industry. Then they leave the industry due to reduced opportunities or marriage. Sheela, who acted in the movie Parugu with Bunny, is also one of the heroines who have left the film industry. She was introduced to the Telugu industry with the movie Seethakochiluka and then acted in Raju Bhai starring Manchu Manoj. She got recognition only with the movie Parugu. After the movie Parugu, she acted in many films like Maska and Adurs.

Sheela, who has acted in many films in Tamil as well as Telugu, got married to a man as her film opportunities dwindled. Later on, she was also informed that she was infected with cancer. But despite having cancer, she acted in some more movies. He never disclosed that he had cancer. Sheela took cancer treatment secretly. Sources close to her say that she is still fighting cancer. But there are also reports that she is managing this matter without telling anyone now without taking anyone’s help.

It is reported that she is currently running a supermarket store and she who was once a heroine who does not want to take help from anyone, is now living her life with the supermarket. At present, she is careful not to share her photos with anyone. Her fans wish her a speedy recovery from cancer.

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