Fans are in shock at what Pooja did in the vanity van..!

With Dussehra celebrations happening all over the country, there is also a buzz among the children of celebrities. But the busy queen Pooja Hegde doesn’t seem to be out of time and she doesn’t seem to have come out of her phobia while shooting. Recently, Pooja Hegde released a video of herself playing garba on her vanity to get rid of her pregnancy fear on her Instagram. Moreover, this video clip was released and Garbha Night in the Vanity, when you have to shoot every day, this is what you should do when you are pregnant.

Along with her personal stop, she was seen doing garbha dance in a red top and white shorts, dancing very energetically and impressing. Yesterday, Pooja was caught in camera flashes outside a gym in Mumbai looking stunning in a work out outfit with blue croft off black leggings. After that, she appeared in Vanity Van’s Danning shot, and when it comes to her career, Pooja Hegde is acting in her next film, Mahesh Babu’s 28th film, which is coming in Trivikram Srinivas’ Mahesh Babu combination.

After the completion of the primary schedule of this film, it is planned to start the second schedule from October 10, especially in the first schedule only Superstar Mahesh Babu will participate, it is reported that Pooja Hegde is also likely to join the sets in the second schedule.

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