Few facts about comedian Rajababu that no one knows..!

Comedian Rajababu, who is recognized as a legendary comedian, needs no special introduction. He mostly worked as a comedian in the movies of top heroes like NTR, Krishna, Shobhan Babu, ANR and sometimes got the same remuneration as the heroes. His real name is Appalaraju. After completing intermediate in Rajahmundry, he did teacher training and worked as a teacher for some time. During the same period, he got a good name by acting in dramas like Charadilla Chavidi, Alluri Sitaramaraju and Kukkapilla Pandili. But with the desire to become a film actor, he resigned from his job and reached Madras in 1960.

On the one hand trying for opportunities.. on the other hand giving tuitions to survive. He made his debut on the silver screen as an actor through a small role in the movie “Samajam” produced by Addala Narayana Rao in 1960. Later, he gained recognition as an unstoppable comedian by making the audience laugh with his own style of comedy. He mostly cultivated comedy with Rama Prabha. Especially the combination of the two became a super hit. In any movie, if these two are a couple, there must be a comedy song about them.. Moreover, it is an undeniable truth that this couple has become the asset of many films.

There are also cases where the distributors were tight-lipped if they knew that Rajababu was not in the film. Due to their demand, there are many films that have been released with a separate track, even if the story is not related. While acting as a comedian on one hand, he also acted as a hero on the other. In the movie “Tata-Manavadu” directed by Dasari Narayana Rao, SV Ranga Rao played the role of grandfather. Rajababu acted as his grandson and entertained the audience. Rajababu died of heart attack on 7th February 1983 due to his alcohol addiction.

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