Friday Fights: Conflict between two Team India players in Australia. | Friday Fights: Team India players Ravindra jadeja and ishant sharma fight in Perth test Australia tour

The players had to intervene as there was a heated altercation between Ishant Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja on the field.

Friday Fights: Conflict between two Team India players in Australia.

Friday Fights Indian Cricket Team (1)

Ravindra Jadeja vs Ishant Sharma: There are frequent clashes between players on the cricket field. Players lose consciousness in orgasm and clash with each other. However, it is very rare for the players of that team to clash with each other in a match. Such incidents are rare, especially in the Indian team. Team India(Indian Cricket Team) Enters the field as a unit. But let us learn today about the incident where two big players in TeamIndia clashed with each other. At the crucial moment of the match the players of that team were seen swearing at each other. These players are none other than Ishant Sharma during the Perth Test in 2018(Ishant Sharma)Ravindra Jadeja(Ravindra Jadeja) They quarreled with each other. The conversation between the two became very intense. The clash ended when other players intervened and corrected him.

The video of the debate between Ishant Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja went viral on social media and the Australian channel also released the audio of the conversation between the two. Upon hearing the audio, it was revealed that Ishant and Jadeja were very angry with each other. Ishant Sharma also abused Ravindra Jadeja. The two players kept shouting at each other. Other players intervened. Otherwise the situation would have gotten worse.

What actually happened in Perth?
In 2018, on the fourth day of the Perth Test, the game was stopped shortly after when a ball from Mohammed Shami hit a Nathan Lyon helmet. Ravindra Jadeja and Ishant Sharma had an altercation after the game was stopped. At first people did not know what the real thing was. However, the Australian broadcaster released an audio recording of the conversation between the two.

According to the voice on stump mic, Ishant spoke to Jadeja in Hindi, show your hands and do not talk to me. He said come to me and tell me if anything. Afterwards Jadeja said – why are we talking so much. Ishant said, do not point a finger at me, put out the anger on me, why not me. Ishant then used abusive language against Jadeja. With this, Mohammad Shami and Kuldeep Yadav intervened and separated the two players. If the Indian team loses this match, more discussions will start on this issue. But, that did not happen. However, the BCCI said that there was a minor altercation between the two players and no altercation ensued. But this fight was forgotten by all. Because Team India won the Test series in Australia for the first time. All Team India and Indian fans celebrated this bitter event with joy.

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