Gargeyi Yellapragada: ‘Hello Meera’ is getting the finishing touches

Gargeyi Yellapragada: 'Hello Meera' is getting the finishing touches

Gargeyi Yellapragada: Famous director Swargiya Bapu Sishyulu Kakarla Srinivasu made the film ‘Hello Meera’ with a single character to thrill the audience with an interesting story and narration. ‘If white people get married, it’s an unexpected problem. Director Kakarla Srinivasu says that the film ‘Hello Meera’ has been made interesting in the background of the sudden journey from Vijayawada to Hyderabad in a car and the exciting developments in those four hours.

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He said about this movie..’It is a challenge to thrill the audience by showing different emotions with a single character. I accepted that challenge with the first film itself. Now the audience is supporting films that are different from the routine. The mindset of the audience has also changed after Corona. Therefore, making this movie with a single character did not feel like a risk. Because.. even if the audience sees only one character on the screen.. the young lady keeps interacting with her family members, people who are the cause of her problem and others. Based on the voice of the respective characters, the audience imagines their gestures. They are confident that this movie will give them a new experience. Producers Dr. Lakshmana Rao Dikkala, Vara Prasadarao Dumpala and Padma Kakarla said that the first look poster that was released recently got a good response and we are currently planning to release this film in a grand manner. Jeevan Kakarla, presenter of the film said, ‘Gargei Yallapragada has played the single character in this movie brilliantly, and this movie is sure to give edge-of-the-seat thrill to the audience. S. for the film ‘Hello Meera’. Prashanth Koppinidu worked as the cinematographer while Chhinna composed the music.

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