Ginna Review: How is ‘Ginna’ starring Manchu Vishnu?

Payal Rajput as Manchu Vishnu and Sunny Leone in pivotal roles is the film ‘Jinnah’. Mohan Babu himself is providing the screenplay for this movie.. Adding sparkles of beauty like Payal and Sunny Leone.. Along with all these, the promotional pictures are interesting, so the expectations of the audience have increased. And did ‘Jinnah’ receive those expectations? Manchu Vishnu’s account of success?

Story: This is the story of Gali Nageswara Rao from Rangam Peta in Chittoor district. He does not tolerate anyone calling him by his full name. He tells us to call him ‘Jinnah’ as ​​a shortcut. He owes the whole town. He makes a loan and builds a tent house in that village. The unfortunate thing is that whatever marriage contract he takes, it will be a scam. It is for this reason that the village president Tippeswamy (Raghubabu) decides not to use his tent goods for good deeds but only for death. At the same time, Renuka (Sunny Leone) enters the village. He can’t speak, his ears can’t hear. She was Jinnah’s childhood friend. Unexpectedly, she left for America at an early age. She came back to the village after all these years.. When she comes back, she expresses her love for Jinnah. She decides to marry him. Actually, Jinnah likes Pachalla Swati (Payal Rajput). Both want to get married. But, seeing Renuka changes his mind. He puts her in the basket in the name of marriage. And what happened after that? Jinnah who loved Swati.. Did he tie a tali around Renuka’s neck? Has his dream of becoming a Sarpanch come true? What are the challenges he faced from Renuka in this process? Why are the people of the village afraid of her? You have to see it on the screen.

How it is: Anyone who has seen Jinnah’s campaign pictures will understand that there is some element of horror hidden in it. The audience also steps into the theaters with those assumptions. Everything in the first half seems to be going according to those expectations. But, an unexpected surprise in the second half will surprise the audience. It brought something new to the story. But that’s what you have to see on the screen. Manchu Vishnu’s character introduction as Jinnah is okay. The director tried to take his background slowly into the story by showing his debts in the village. Thippeswami’s moves with a loan shark to keep Jinnah from standing as Sarpanch and the action episodes that follow in this sequence are entertaining. Even though the pace of the story seems to increase a bit when Renuka’s character steps into the village, all the scenes that follow are routine. She says that she wants to marry Jinnah.. At the same time, the love between Swati and Jinnah comes out.. This makes the story a bit juicy. Renuka’s character twist before the break keeps the second half interesting. But all the scenes that follow are reminiscent of routine horror thrillers. But, before the preclimax the story takes another unexpected turn. Another angle behind the character of Renuka.. the past related to that character gives a thrill. Even though the main scenes are exciting, the ending of the movie may not be so good. It feels like a half-hearted ending to the story for the sequel.

Who did it: Manchu Vishnu as Jinnah is well suited. The old Vishnu was reminded in the action scenes. His dialogues in Chittoor dialect were impressive. Actually Renuka played by Sunny Leone is the main character in this story. In the first half, the character who looks plain like a dumb and deaf girl, becomes very powerful in the second half. But in handling such a heavy role, Sunny is light in many scenes. Her charms on screen tickle the boy. Payal Rajput played the role of Pachalla Swati. Chammak Chandra as Rakesh’s master and Vennela Kishore as Mysore’s Bujji provide hearty laughs. Surya tried to bring the story presented to him on the screen. The song ‘Ide Sneham’ sung by the daughters of Manchu Vishnu is impressive. The background music goes well with the story. Chota K. Naidu’s cinematography is good. The production values ​​match the story.

Finally: The entertaining ‘Jinnah’… can be seen once.

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