Golden Jubilee: Dialogue King’s fifty-year reign!

Golden Jubilee: Dialogue King's fifty-year reign!

Golden Jubilee: Fifty years of Dialogue King, Nemesis Saikumar! Some may doubt that he was born in 1960. But…. This is his 50th year as an actor. Saikumar painted his face for the first time at the tender age of twelve for the role of Duryodhana in Maya Sabha. After that he acted as a child actor, young actor, protagonist and character artist for fifty years in hundreds of films in different languages.

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Saikumar went ahead by improving Abbina’s acting and reading from his father PJ Sharma. While doing small roles in side films, he dubbed for Rajasekhar and Suman and seemed like a dialogue king. Saikumar’s sensational success with the movie ‘Police Story’ is a history. Saikumar’s life changed with just one movie. After that, he played police roles in almost all the movies. Dubbed for hundreds of movies. He is acting as a character artist in many films regardless of language. What is special is that Saikumar’s brothers are also continuing in the film industry. They excel as dubbing artists and actors. Similarly, Saikumar’s son Aadi has also earned a good place for himself in Telugu cinema as a hero. Not limited to just acting, Saikumar also produced informative films like ‘Eshwar Allah’. He entered the political arena and prepared for public service in Kannada. He is playing an active role in BJP. Along with movies, he made his own mark by doing special programs on television. Let’s wish Saikumar, who is celebrating his golden jubilee as an actor…doing more great roles…get to more.

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