Hansika Motwani: Love.. breakup with Simbu.. Hansika told the real truth

Hansika Motwani

Love, Ishq, Kadal…! Any language has only one meaning..! Any pronunciation.. the emotion in it is the same.! Even if the script is different.. the feeling in it is also the same.! But those who are loved.. those who love don’t need to be the only ones..! This is the same thing a bit here and there..! Hansika says indirectly after marriage. Hansika made her entry into Tollywood with Allu Arjun’s Desha Darki. After that, she turned into a star heroine. They got movie chances in Kollywood too.. they have become a trend there too. And in this order, the star hero of the place directed the Romana with Shambu. Not only led.. In photos, videos, they made that romance visible and made it go viral.

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